Sunday, February 22, 2009


For a long time, I was opposed to blogging. Many of my friends have blogs, but mostly they're made up of boring anecdotes about their lives that I've already heard because, well, we're friends. I wondered why people felt the need to clutter the internet with the minute and mundane details of their lives. Why, I wondered, did some people feel they needed to broadcast the fact that they (fill in fact here: bought a new couch, celebrated a national holiday, or taught their dog to roll over) while many others could just experience these things without notifying all of humanity via the world wide web?

I have found a few good bloggers to follow, like my friend Dina whose blog about urban farming and cooking ( has taught me some important things such as how to make apple butter and bake no-knead bread. Sometimes I wonder how she has time to sleep.

Or my friend Mark whose blog follows everything from gay rights activism to baking tips to rural Oregon news posts to gardening (

I also regularly read "Beauty Tips for Ministers" a site completely devoted to helping female ministers avoid "frumpiness" and all other manner of fashion faux-pas.( Given that I'll soon be a female minister, I've been putting in some extra time on this one in preparation for maintaining non-frumpiness once I actually enter the ministry.

But what can I contribute to this blogging hysteria? Well, I think I can contribute this: a lot of funny stuff happens to me (professional stuff, theological stuff, personal stuff.) and I'd like to tell the world about it so that others might share in the hilarity. So I'm starting "What's Up, Jesus?" (a tribute to a song I wrote in college. more on that later.) as a depository for all this hilarious stuff. I hope you enjoy it!

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