Monday, August 17, 2009

The New Mr. Somebody

I've met someone.

I'd grown up with him, actually. I have great memories of him and me in elementary school, having fun, being creative, getting bored together during summer break. Those were the good old days. And recently I learned that he was back in town.

And now we're together.

I see him several days a week. It's strange, because sometimes we're not even sure what to do together it's been so long since we've seen each other. Sometimes we just email together or watch LOST reruns all day or take naps. It still feels illicit, what we're doing, like it should be a secret. Don't worry, I've told Mr. Love-it-or-leav-it all about it, and he doesn't mind. He says it's perfectly normal for people to have a relationship like this. But I'm not sure. It goes against everything I've learned so far.

The new someone's name? Oh, it's Mr. Free Time.

I had completely forgotten about Mr. Free Time. Because for so long I've been spending all my time with my friends: Ms. Full-time-job, Ms. Remodeling-the-house, Ms. Graduate-school, and Ms. Being-overly-involved-in-everything. But they're all gone now. So it's just me and Mr. Free Time. I keep telling myself I shouldn't be with him. That I should call Ms. Being-overly-involved-in-everything and see if we can't make up. But then I wonder, is this really that bad? Do I really have to feel so guilty about ever minute I spend with Mr. Free Time?

I hope that in time we can develop a healthy and open relationship. Maybe we can actually go out on the town together, you know, try some new local coffee shops. And maybe I'll learn to tell people "It's my day off. I didn't do anything today, other than have some free time."


  1. wahoo! Glad to hear you've finally declared you're worthy of a day off. Beautifully written though....made me feel a bit guilty for sitting here reading about it...............

  2. Would you please introduce me to your new friend? Tell him he can move in, rent free, upstairs.