Sunday, October 30, 2011

Urban Excursion

There are many times (given the incredible human capacity for adjusting one's sense of normal) that I forget that I live in the city. It's not that I'm in denial, it's just that I kind just think of this as my home and forget about other homes I've had that do not have so much concrete, and so little parking and so many other people.

But every now and then, I am reminded of my reality by some hilarious occurrence that could only happen in an urban environment. And thus when I walked into our laundry room/bike storage area the other day and saw this, I laughed aloud:

Now, to someone who has never been in our laundry room before, this might look like an unremarkable scene (other than to note that we are approaching a bike storage crisis). But if you look closely in the bottom left, you will notice what I noticed which is this:

Yes. A tiny pink tricycle locked WITH ITS OWN TINY CABLE LOCK to the bike rack. I don't know why I found this so precious, but I did. Perhaps it was because I envisioned all the other tiny pink tricycles that litter the yards and expansive front porches of families that do not live in the city, that can get left out all night and picked back up whenever the spirit moves. But here is this little one's trike locked up with a cable, amidst a million other salt-encrusted, Kryptonite secured commuter bikes: all of which made me feel  compelled to give a shout out to the gritty urban parent that rigged this up so their daughter or son might have the same opportunities for trike riding that those suburbanites have.

God bless the city.

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