Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Some days...

Just saw this on facebook, and it is AWESOME.

Some days, you are riding high, feeling pretty good and cool and like a serious professional adult rockin' the socks off your life.

And some days, you leave a rambling five minute long message on a church visitors answering machine because you don't actually know the church phone number. And then you use the word "disapparate" instead of disappear while talking to an 80 year old man. You will note that disapparate is not actually a word, but rather a magical type of teleportation as described in the fictional series Harry Potter.

And your realize that you are still at least 40% complete 6th grade geek. And that that is okay. Because sometimes geeks grow up to be awesome and hot (see above).

1 comment:

  1. I strongly identify with this post, and I'd put myself at a solid 51% 6th grade geek. So I actually facebook stalk young adult visitors and try to friend them -- how looserish is that? I asked an old man last Sunday how he was "gooing" and then thought I'd DIE OF EMBARRASSMENT when he pointed it out. I still don't know my church's phone number, and I've been working here a year. I think it's starts with 363...