Monday, May 14, 2012

There is a Reason Professionals Exist or COFFEETIME!

My very wise and wonderful friend DRJ reminded me the other day that there is a reason professionals exist: they are, in many cases, very skilled at particular tasks.* This was in response to my recent proclamation that I have recently started roasting my own coffee. I don't know why I undertook this particular DIY obsession. It is not as though there is a dearth of quality coffee roasteries here in Oregon. In fact, the NW--home of Starbucks, as you know--is known a global coffee mecca. But in my typical fashion of believing I can and should make every possible thing imaginable from scratch, I had become absolutely fixated on home coffee roasting after I found out a friend's husband, in addition to making his own soap and bacon, also roasted coffee.

This particular undertaking, however, has marked a major milestone for me,which is why I am writing about it: it is the first DIY project that I have personally undertaken that costs LESS than NOT doing it myself. Awesome, right?

The more cynical among you (including you, DRJ) might be tempted to ask whether my home roasted coffee taste as good as many of the "professional" varieties available at the store.  No, no it doesn't. I'm still developing my technique, as they say. But it is cheap. And someday it will be solidly mediocre and I can live with that.

In case you are curious, all you need to roast your own coffee is:
-Green Coffee Beans
-A stovetop, whirlipop popcorn popper

The process basically involves heating up the pan, pouring in the beans, whirring them around for a while, listening for popping sounds and removing them before they burn to a crisp. Also, don't forget to add a pinch of feeling superior to others who must rely on "professionals" for such things.

Here are some of our roasted beauties!

*I do not dispute this: She is, in fact, a professional who is very very skilled and has made me seriously consider never taking a photograph ever again.

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