Monday, March 8, 2010

Oh Happy Day

It's 58 degrees here today, which might not sound like a big deal to those of you who hail from warmer climates, but today is a divine blessing amidst the hell that is the journey through February and March in New England. You can tell that even this short lasting spurt of spring-like temperatures has planted the seed of hope in many around here: I saw someone this morning wearing a sundress and sandals.....a bit optimistic for temps in the 50s but I applaud her optimism. I even thought I spied some crocus buds while walking the dog this weekend. Hopefully, this means spring is springing!


  1. WE TOO had a couple days in the 60's. In one day though (yesterday) it dropped to freezing and snowed for part of the evening....One more cool day, and we'll be warming up better, EVERYTHING has green buds ready to pop....... cool

  2. ARE you taking that positive "stuff" all back today? Flooding on your 2nd floor yet? Hah. WHAT a RAIN / WINTER the East Coast has had.