Friday, April 6, 2012

Holy Hell Redux

Thanks to for this awesome image. If only I had a chasable and could be this cool.

But why this sudden flurry of postings, Madame L??

Well, children, this week is a week we like to call "Holy Week." A week during which lots of churchy things happen which require Madame L's attention. Sadly, Madame L. suffers from a terrible syndrome which causes the volume and significance of the tasks before her to be inversely related to her interest in doing them. So, for instance, if today was the day she was meant to write the most important sermon of the year, her interest in sermon writing would decrease by a degree equal to its amount of importance. This is very painful for Madame L, and she has to watch very closely to make sure she doesn't find herself doing other silly, unrelated and completely unimportant tasks such as pricing out magnetic nametags online and blogging on the internet.

That is a sad, sad story, Madame L.

Yes, yes it is. 

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