Friday, June 8, 2012

Ode to the Best Berry

Thanks to, a fellow Oregonian, for the image.

Okay, but have you ever had an Oregon berry? They might actually be the best thing in the entire world. Far sweeter and full of flavor than their gargantuan Californian counterparts, Oregon berries taste like summer and joy. They come in flats (12 pints, that is), still dirty from the field. They are never categorically conical, like those beauties in the plastic clam shell at the store, but are instead, a panoply of strange forms: some small and round, some huge and triangle shaped, some like heart-shaped conjoined twins* where two berries have grown together, all ranging in color from dark purple to light orange. And they are amazing. And the season just started. And I ready to confess here and now that I am planning to eat enough of them in the next three weeks to horrify any advocate of balanced nutrition. Why else did I move here for Christ's sake?*

*This is not a swear. I literally did more here for Jesus, or more accurately, a job in his church.

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