Sunday, June 3, 2012

An update on some other things that are relatively inconsequential.

Gardening: Yay! Things are growing and thriving. We just spied our first strawberry, first snow pea and first cherry tomato (still green!). Artichoke is still alive, despite the snails' ongoing death campaign. Corn is sprouting as are the radishes. Yum!

Worst strawberry picture ever.

See that beauty?

Hang on little tomato!

Will those little buds on our olive tree become olives? I have no idea!

Coffee roasting: Not yay. For some reason, though the elements are relatively simple, I'm having trouble getting this one down. My last batch tasted like a cross between burnt dirt and vinegar.

Other homesteading projects: homemade granola (yum!) and knitting (not the relaxing, TV time pastime your grandmother made it seem!) I'm 4" into a fairly ugly prayer shawl and am having a great time. 

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