Wednesday, March 25, 2009


One popular phenomenon that I don't completely understand is the white, oval-shaped bumper stickers with letters inside them. I find them especially confusing because only one time out of a hundred do I actually know what the letters stand for. They seem to cover the broadest possible range of topics including states, band names, vacation spots, schools and various other stuff. The main function of these stickers really seems to be to frustrate other drivers and passengers trying to figure out what the bumper stickers actually say. The same thing happens with confusing or cryptic vanity license plates. I get almost hysterical sitting behind cars in traffic whose vanity places are a string of letters and numbers that I can't seem to form into any phrase or name. Then I wonder what the point of paying an exorbitant amount of extra money is when nobody can understand what it says. All this prompts me to have fantasies about creating my own oval sticker with some extremely cryptic list of letters or an acronym: ICUYS (I Can't Understand Your Sticker).

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