Saturday, October 24, 2009

Politically Problematic

There is a house down the street from where I live. I can imagine it in its glory days, for it must have once been a beautiful home. It is a single family dwelling, unusual for our area, with some neat features. Unfortunately, now, well, it's a dump.

For starters, the place looks as though it hasn't been painted in 25 years, with paint peeling off the siding exposing the bare wood. The trim is rotting, and some of the windows are broken and boarded up. The yard (if it could even be called a yard) is overgrown with weeds and brambles. In the driveway are 5 or 6 broken-down, rusted-out cars that look as though they are slowly melting back into the earth. Behind the house is something that looks as though once, in its hayday, was a garage. But it now looks as though even attempting to pry the rusted door open might send the entire thing crashing to the ground. The whole piece of real estate is rather Adams-family-esque, somewhere I'd definitely be wary of going to trick-or-treat.

What I find to be ironic about all this is that the entire front of the house and yard are covered with political signs. There are signs endorsing senators, city councilors, and various pieces of legislation.

Now, here is my question: should I be more or less inclined to support those candidates and issues endorsed by our aesthetically un-inclined neighbor?

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  1. I HAD this LONG comment all filled in here...and somehow it got wiped out.....dang. Let's see if I can re-create....

    Every time I pass one of these old scary places, I envision that some ancient tiny little widow/widower lives there FAR beyond the time they should have. Without children, or family, there is no one to help tham make that move to assisted living or..... (on the other hand it could simply be a hateful crank no one can stand) all these places do is make me curious. IF it's someone loveable but absolutely broke and weak, I want to take them cookies.

    However, if they're another Logan Ramsey (remember THAT place?) millionaire, I become judgemental instead of saintly as I was in the above case. SO....I hope you'll send one of the good sisters of mercy over and report back what you find, eh?

    Remember the place down on lower Germantown with the million rusty pieces of giant machinery surrounding it? He died....the place is slowly being cleaned up...and I imagine his widow is happy to see it all go.