Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm a PILOT!

So, I'd like to officially nominate my husband for "Best Spouse on the Planet." (And no, I'm not biased.)

His nomination is based on many qualities and incidents (some of which have been reported here, some not), but mostly right now because for my birthday this year, he gave me the best gift ever.....WINGS!!

Well, actually, he gave me a day trip to Martha's Vineyard (which is paradise by the way, if you ever have the chance to visit). The most exciting and luxurious part of the day however was the fact that we flew there!
Typically, to get to Martha's Vineyard, one drives from Cambridge to Woods Hole, MA at the Southern base of Cape Cod (about a 2 hour drive with no traffic which is, well, never), after which one would park and make one's way to the ferry which would (in about an hour) take you to Martha's Vineyard. But, if you are REALLY cool, or your husband is SUPER amazing, you can FLY from Boston Logan in a tiny 10-seat Cesna across the coast to MV in just 37 minutes.
And, as if this special treatment weren't enough, I got to sit COPILOT on our way down. (This was not a part of the birthday plan, in fact, just a fluke of weight balance needs and the fact that we were at the front of the line.) It was INCREDIBLE! The dials were whirring and buzzing and the engines were LOUD as we bounced through the puffy clouds and watched the central coast of Massachusetts float by. The low altitude meant we could see EVERYTHING as we passed by: buildings we recognized and all the tiny inlets and moored boats as we approached the Cape.

We landed smoothly around 9:15 a.m. and spent the day touring around the island, eating crab cakes on the Marina, visiting light houses and swimming in the ocean. It was amazing.

Upon arriving back at the airport an hour before our flight, the woman at the counter asked "Boston?" (It's not that big of an airport.) When we said "yes," she said, "Great, we've been waiting for you." and quickly escorted us through security and in a few minutes onto the runway. We were apparently the only passengers on the return flight and flew in private style back to Boston at sunset.

What a day! Needless to say at this moment I am seriously considering getting my pilot's license and also winning the lottery. But, until I can work on that stuff, let me just say, "Thanks,'re the BEST!"

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