Friday, April 10, 2009

Oh Happy Day

Hello, dear readers! Sorry to all three of you for having been so neglectful of my blogging responsibilities of late. With the preparations for Holy Week, a Greek Exegesis Paper, and four sermons in two weeks, I've had my head in the books too much to think about my commitment to my friends in the blogosphere.

Just a quick survey that came to mind this morning that you may want to weigh in on: How do you wish someone a pleasant Good Friday? It is a major Christian holiday, but not really a commemoration of something that would make one want to say "Happy Good Friday!" or "Have a Great Good Friday!" As my beloved was leaving the house this morning, he decided on "Have a spiritually and religiously appropriate Good Friday!" But that might be too wordy to shout to friends as you leave your Easter Sunday prep meeting.

What is a good, holy-week-observant-girl to do????

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