Thursday, April 30, 2009

Radial Head (No, not Radio Head...Radial Head)

Fair Readers-

I'm so sorry to have neglected you for this must have felt as though you were in blogging purgatory. Alas, I was kept from updating my musings by a broken radial head.

For those of you unfamiliar with human anatomy (as I was until recently), the radial head is the end of your radius (lower arm bone) which connects to your humorous (upper arm. bone). It looks like this:

And I broke mine. How you ask? Well, by doing something very risky and treacherous otherwise known as walking. That's right. Nothing adventurous or exciting. I was simply walking and fell down and broke my elbow. I also happened to be carrying a plate of food into a meeting when this happened, which made everything a bit more messy and embarrassing. In fact while some of my other colleagues rushed to help me, a law student also in the meeting turned to his friend and said "I hope we don't get charged a cleaning fee for the carpet." And that, my friends, is why I'm in the Divinity School.

Now, as you might imagine, one's radial head is something that goes unappreciated much of the time. However, upon breaking it, one soon realizes its absolute necessity for all manner of tasks including:
Getting dressed*
Washing your hair
Doing dishes
Walking the dog
And yes, typing (hence my extended absence from the blog-o-sphere).

But you will be happy to know that I am back on track, with only slightly limited mobility, and of course MUCH more gratitude for my radial head. So expect more updates soon from What's Up, Jesus?

*You know you've been married a while when your life partner's main function is to put your bra on, instead of take it off. Thank God for Mr. Love-it-or-leav-it!

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